The Road To Melbourne – Week 3

This week was a solid week, the main goal was to get the legs heavy to try and do a marathon workout as part of Run Melbourne in the half marathon on the Sunday. That being said, I still wanted to make sure all the little thing’s I’ve been doing for recovery still got done, didn’t want to feel like death out there!!

Here’s the story of this week. There’s some stuff on recovery, some shout outs to a few people, stuff on the sessions from the week, petrol watch and also something a little delicious at the end.


Monday – Rest day


Tuesday – 55 Minutes Easy

11kms in 55:14 @ 5:01/km Ave HR 131

Awesome morning today, an early taste of spring! It was nice to leave the beanie and gloves behind. Settled into a groove and felt comfy. Pulled up well from Sunday’s long run, feeling good.

Wednesday – 14km Alternating kms between 10k pace and 4:00/km Float – 4km Warm Up & 4km Cool Down

14kms in 52:11 @ 3:43/km ave Ave HR 166 – 10k Ave 3:27/km, Float Ave 3:59/km


Making the legs heavy part 1. For this session I felt it was pretty important to be somewhere where I could consistently check the watch to make sure I was within the splits we wanted to hit without needing to surge or drop pace heavily, so I got up stupidly early and made the 30 minute drive into Shepparton to do the session at Victoria Park Lake. Took a bit to wake up but once I got into the session I felt good, towards the end I could feel the brain losing concentration a bit, it was nice to see a familiar face in Nat Hicks doing some early morning laps as well. By the time I finished the cool down I felt ready to go back to bed.

Recovery – Since listening to the Recovery episode on TMYT, I’m really making the effort to get food in within 15-20 minutes after a session even though I don’t normally feel like eating much. Got a banana down and have been eating a mix of tuna, corn, kidney beans, capsicum and chilli – it just comes in a pack from John West and seems to be doing the trick.

Another thing i’m doing is booking in fortnightly maintenance sessions at Myoworx which is a Myotherapy place in Shepparton. I’ve been going to Myoworx for about 6 years now and they are great. Kirsty has been looking after me the last few months and doing a great job ( I think i’m addicted to cupping – it frees up my back so good!) It’s great to have someone local that you feel confident in to take good care of you, and both Kirsty and Felicity are lovely people. (They don’t sponsor me FYI, just reckon they deserve a bit of praise)


Thursday – 30 Minutes Easy

6kms in 31:10 @ 5:11/km Ave HR 127

Ugh this run felt like crap…. loosened up a bit in the last 5 minutes but pretty much felt heavy and like i’d been hit up the middle by the pain train. Got it done, thank god for a rest day


Friday – Rest day

Had a sleep in today and felt heaps better for it. We were fortunate enough on Thursday night to have a presentation from Tim Crosbie and Kirstin Bull (current world champion in the 100km). Tim coaches Kirstin and is heavily involved with his run group Crosbie Crew, Athletics Australia and Athletics Victoria, he also coaches among other people Sinead Diver (representing Australia in the World Champs in London in the Marathon) and Anna Kelly (represented Australia earlier this year at World Cross Country) It was great to listen to them and Kirstin’s journey from playing a bit of netball and running a couple of 5k runs on a treadmill per week, to joining Crosbie Crew, moving up the distances and how she juggled full time shift work in an emergency room at a hospital in Melbourne as well as getting her training done.


Saturday – 20kms – Aim to Keep HR 135-140

20kms in 1:33:52 @ 4:41/km Ave HR 136

Making the legs heavy part 2. Got out nice and early and did this one around Numurkah, wanted to head over to parkrun, but logistically couldn’t make it work. Fortunately though, heading out early meant I missed most of the wind which smashed through most parts of Victoria, it was really only the last 20 minutes where it whipped up. Felt pretty comfy during this one which was a relief after Thursday’s little trundle. Got home and packed the bag for the weekend and headed into Mooroopna for some yoga.


It was awesome to be able to go from a longer run straight into some yoga. Poses were held for a bit longer – about 3 minutes which was nice and learned some new stretches for the hips.


Sunday  – Run Melbourne – Aim to Average 3:56km Marathon Simulation on heavy legs, 5km Warm Up & 4km Cool Down

21.1kms in 1:19:37 @ 3:47/km Ave HR 170

On the surface this was a really good workout. I got to try out the shoes I want to run the marathon in, practice drinks and gels and had a good workout. The first 10k felt real easy (course was either flat or down hill in this bit), The last 10k was a bit more undulating, pace stayed consistent but the heart had to pump a bit harder up the hills to make it happen. HR at 170 Ave is probably a bit high of a work rate than desired, in hindsight a 165 Ave and 3:52-3:56/km would of been a bit more sensible, thankfully though I’ve pulled up well, and this week is a recovery week. Will give it a tick, but will need to be really diligent with the recovery this week to make sure everything absorbs properly to avoid over training.


Today was an awesome day for many reasons, not just having a run. I was fortunate to see Brady run and win the event today and have a catch up. We probably only see each other a few times a year, so I always look forward to a chat and a run if the chance comes up.


Also got to meet up with a few of my good mates from Echuca in Jacinda, Chris and Carley. We probably wouldn’t recognize each other if we were all in work clothes as we always seem to catch up at a parkrun or other running event, it’s cool how running can bring everyone together.

Also got to meet Megan who I follow on Strava and twitter, she ran a PB in the half marathon today and was awesome to have a chat afterwards (she also contributes to petrol watch!!)


We had just over 10 members from Shepparton Runners Club competing in different events, it was great seeing them out on course and having a chat afterwards hearing about how they went. One of our younger members that i’m lucky enough to coach is Dylan. He’s a great kid with a lot of ability, he loves running and it’s great to see him doing his thing.


Weekly Totals:

Distance – 91.6kms

Time – 6 Hours 49 Minutes


Petrol Watch


This week’s edition is brought to you by Megan who lives in Lara down near Geelong, she filled up at APCO earler in the week – not a bad price at $1.19, Brady also let me know that in Bendigo you could fill up yesterday at $1.12 and Melbourne was still at $1.19. Still cheaper at Matilda at Gold Coast though!


Hmmmmm Chocolate (Chocolate Watch)


I love chocolate and this has been finding it’s way into the shopping basket the last few weeks. We have been breaking it up into little bits and adding it to a mix of cranberries, dried apricot, sultanas, and a mix of grains and nuts as a snack for during the day at work. It’s only a 100g block so wouldn’t last long in our house normally, so at least with it mixed in with other stuff it helps it last a week.

Got any chocolate that you prefer or a submission for petrol watch? Flick it through on twitter so I can add it in for next week.


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