The Road To Melbourne – Week 4

Recovery Week

I always enjoy the recovery week and has been pretty important to have these for me to help assist in not only absorbing the hard sessions from prior weeks, but also in avoiding injury. Lots of easy stuff this week, with a solid long run today.


Monday – Rest day


Tuesday – 30 Minutes Easy

6kms in 30:32 @ 5:05/km Ave HR 129

Just getting it done, legs were a bit stiff to start of with but nothing too bad. Felt ok energy wise, was just good to turn the legs over and clear a bit of rust from Sunday’s Half Mara.


Wednesday – 45 Minutes Easy with 5 x 20 Seconds Strides

9.2kms in 45:40 @ 4:57/km Ave HR 135

Legs were feeling reasonable today, settled into a decent enough rhythm early. This one felt a fair bit easier than yesterday and was good to do some strides. Again nothing special, just turning the legs over and absorbing the previous few weeks work


Thursday – Rest Day


Friday – 30 Minutes Easy

6kms in 30:26 @ 5:02/km Ave HR 128

Feeling good today, once again into a comfy rhythm early and just focusing on keeping the HR low. I knew the Sunday long run was going to be a solid one so wanted to be feeling ready to tackle that one. Sensing a pattern in the recovery week? Nothing flash, get it done, tick the box etc… As dull as it sounds, these weeks are important and just as good to recharge the mind as well as the body.

20621200_675442212648789_7012645298648959873_n – New Shepparton Runners Club Kit


Saturday – 5km Tempo Shake – 4km Warm Up & 4km Cool Down

5km in 18:31 @ 3:42/km Ave HR 171

Not long enough to be a tempo so will call it a tempo shake out type run. Trying to average around 3:45/km and felt pretty sluggish and flat today. HR was higher than it should be for that kind of effort. Just wasn’t really feeling it today, still got it done and another one in the books.

Yoga Session– Got to do wall yoga today which is awesome because just about all of it I can do at home, so always paying attention to try and learn as much as I can about the proper technique and moves to progress through. Longer holds today and focusing mainly on legs whilst on the wall. Floor work for a bit afterwards was mostly hips and back.


Sunday – 32kms – Aim to Keep HR between 145-150

32kms in 2:24:13 @ 4:30/km Ave HR 146

20597491_10155529432333187_6381654707440518784_nNice day for the ducks today

Early start with this one in Shepparton so could get down to the Shepparton Runners Club handicap and support all the team in their 10km event today.

I’d been nervous about this one due to the efforts in week 1 where the body began to really crash on the long run from about 26km on-wards and that was at a lower HR. I’d spoken to Brady during the week about was it worth doing drinks and gels for this one, but we decided it was best to keep training the body to use fat instead of glycogen as the fuel, had the option of taking an emergency gel, but decided against it as really wanted to see how the body would handle everything.

Overall I was really pleased with how it went. It was raining pretty steadily for the first 45 minutes or so, after that it was just light rain, bit of wind but nothing worth whinging about. The HR sat around 143-146 for most of the first 25km, (Got to see a massive Kangaroo in the bush) last 7k it spiked a little to stay around 148-151 and the pace didn’t drop too much. It would be interesting to do this one after a big week of training and compare the results.

Roger-the-KangarooNot actual Kangaroo, or bush land or near Shepparton.. just thought this was cool.


Weekly Totals

Distance: 66.5kms

Time: 5 Hours 11 Minutes


That’s it for the first training block on the road to Melbourne. Received the next 4 weeks from Brady today and there’s going to be some sessions in there I will find quite challenging but looking forward to giving them a go. Recovery will be super important and communicating if the body doesn’t feel right and not just doing a session because it’s on the program.


Petrol watch also having a recovery week, but will be back next week, likely along with chocolate watch.



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