The Road To Melbourne – Week 5

First week of block 2 completed and it’s been a good one. Starting to get into the marathon specific workouts, the short and sharp sessions are being replaced with longer tempo type interval runs which I think will bear fruit come October.


Monday – Rest Day


Tuesday – 50 Minutes Easy

10.1kms in 51:03 @ 5:03/km Ave HR 129

Most of my Tuesday runs are a bit dusty, but this one was reasonable from the start. I listened to the TMYT interview with Andy Allison, he spoke about some of histraining and how every workout had a purpose, one of which was trying to run more efficiently at different heart rates and that is something i’m really trying to concentrate on, particulalrly on my easy runs – give it a listen –

Yoga – Once a month I take the Shep Runners Club along to see Kath Payne for a yoga session. We got 22 there tonight which was a good roll up and did a more active session tonight. Most of the poses had a balance or strength element to it which I enjoyed, always good to squeeze an extra yoga session in.



Wednesday – 9 x 1km @ 10k Pace – 1 Minute Recovery (40 Seconds Standing, 20 Seconds Jog) 4km Warm Up & 3km Cool Down – 3:26 ave for km Reps

I was trying to be conservative with this one, knowing full well there will be some sessions that will smash me about this month, there isn’t much to be gained by being completely blown up by the end of this one. In saying that I felt really good this morning, the yoga loosened up the hips and back nicely and had perfect conditions (cool and still)

Splits for the 9 reps were 3:27.6, 3:26.6, 3:26.6, 3:26.0, 3:25.0, 3:26.6, 3:25.6, 3:27.2, 3:22.7, I ran a bit harder on the last one, still controlled though.

Myotherapy – It was nice to head along for my fortnightly visit with Kirsty and not have anything that was overly bad that needed immediate attention, I have crap posture so today Kirsty worked on fixing this (which will also hopefully help improve my breathing when i run) by trying to release my diaphragm, at first it felt like she was trying to remove my soul….and I couldn’t breathe, I’m skinny and thought for a brief moment that my heart and lungs were about to be shown to me.

But once I eventually was able to breathe and relax a bit, she let me keep my soul and was able to do some work, I did feel better after it and hopefully it has improved my posture. I’m more conscious of it now, if nothing else so I don’t need to feel that pain again haha!

Everything else was good although we did find some tight spots in the hips, have to keep on top of that.


Thursday – 60 Minutes Easy

12.2kms in 61:22 @ 5:01/km Ave HR 128

This one took a little bit longer to settle into, the legs felt a bit heavy from the km reps and the Myo treatment, was just one of those ones that you’re pretty happy to get it done, tick the box and move onto the next one.


Friday – Rest Day


Saturday – 4 x 4km @ 3:50/km 1km Recovery (4:20-4:30km) = 20kms

2km Warm Up & 3km Cool Down

20kms in 1:17:34 @ 3:53/km Ave HR 161

Early start at Victoria Park Lake so I could be out of the way of the parkrunners. Started out a bit hard but relaxed into a pace and felt good, I knew I was going faster than scripted, but thought as long as the HR didn’t get above 165 we were going well. The HR stayed 161-165 during the 4km sections, and dropped to just below 150 during the recovery and was consistent with each rep. Towards the end I would of enjoyed a drink or a gel if there was more reps in store, but got through without any and pulled up well. Later in the day I felt pretty buggered though and had a good sleep for a couple of hours.


4km @ 3:45/km

1km @ 4:16

4km @ 3:47/km

1km @ 4:21

4km @ 3:47/km

1km @ 4:22

4km @ 3:46/km

1km @ 4:21


Mentally I was out of it by this stage so can’t really remember much of the class other than it felt like it went really quick and we spent some quality time doing back, hips and glutes towards the end.


Sunday – 60  Minutes @ 130 Ave HR

12.7kms in 63:58 at Ave HR 131

I felt pretty flat going into this one, knowing it wasn’t going to be a real long one. Headed into Shepparton to join a few members of the runners club and it really helped having the company to get it done mentally today. The legs came good and ticked over at a nice relaxed pace. Early taste of spring with no clouds or breeze, it was brilliant running in some sunshine with some good mates, loved it!


Week 5

Distance: 77.4kms

Time: 5 Hours 51 Minutes


Chocolate Watch – Orange Intense Dark Chocolate

Wow… this stuff is amazing, only 100g in a block and you could nearly make it disappear in one go if you felt like it. If you haven’t tried it, give it a go, I highly recommend it!!!!







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